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  • Yeaveley Birds of Prey

    From£75.00 ppMin.Age18

    commute55 milesfrom Castleford,West Yorkshire

    Enjoy a truly unique and hilariously fun Birds of Prey experience as you visit our prestigious Falconry venue in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside!

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  • Louth Birds of Prey

    From£30.00 ppMin.Age4

    commute62 milesfrom Castleford,West Yorkshire

    Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of birds of prey as you get up close and personal with the stunning creatures which call our amazing venue home.

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  • Burton on Trent Birds of Prey

    From£38.00 ppMin.Age10

    commute65 milesfrom Castleford,West Yorkshire

    With a mix of woodlands and fields to explore our Burton on Trent venue is the perfect place to learn the basics of falconry,and see some of the worl...

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  • Oakham,Rutland Birds of Prey

    From£67.00 ppMin.Age10

    commute76 milesfrom Castleford,West Yorkshire

    Located in the heart of beautiful Rutland this brilliant birds of prey venue provides exciting bird of prey encounters involving birds from across the...

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  • Wem,Shropshire Birds of Prey

    From£55.00 ppMin.Age6

    commute82 milesfrom Castleford,West Yorkshire

    A personal Birds of Prey experience awaits you as you visit our prestigious Falconry venue in the heart of the stunning Shropshire countryside!

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  • Wisbech St Mary,Cams Birds of Prey

    From£34.99 ppMin.Age8

    commute95 milesfrom Castleford,West Yorkshire

    The dedicated team of handlers at our Wisbech St Mary falconry venue give you the chance to take a closer look at some of the world's most breathta...

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